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Workshop Agenda - Saturday 8 July

Sustainability Show 2022

  1. Find out how to get the most out of your smol products, with tips, tricks and a quick fix to busting stains and smells at home, all using the products you already have under the sink. 
  2. Unleash your creativity and discover the principles and practices of a circular economy in furniture design at our engaging workshop! 
  3. Manchester Community Bike Kitchen (funded by R4GM) fix bikes and teach skills to repair and reuse as many bikes as possible.  Learn how to keep a bike in good working condition by learning basic cycle maintenance skills.
    Sponsored by R4GM
  4. From recognising different fabrics to understanding their impact, Banana Moon help you make your wardrobe be more sustainable.
  5. Join Avallen co-founder Tim Etherington-Judge to learn about traditional orchards and how to choose delicious drinks that work in harmony with nature

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