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Sustainability Show 2022




Welcome to our incredible list of sustainable heroes who do so much to make good happen! 


We know that it takes each and every one of us to make changes in our lives to move the dial on climate change, but some individuals are already going above and beyond to help their communities, followers, families, schools, workplaces and so on be more planet friendly. 

We want to recognise Sustainable Heroes up and down the UK for the good that they do and also help everyone connect with them for some inspiration, advice, tips and ideas. Who knows you might even see some of them at the show. 

Francesca Willow

As the founder of Ethical Unicorn, Francesca, takes a holistic and fact-based approach to sustainable living, giving her readers practical tools and information to start making better decisions and breaking negative cycles that hurt our natural world.

Find Francesca on Instagram or follow her blog

Immy Lucas

Immy Lucas, started her blog and YouTube channel Sustainable Vegan to inspire and help you live as low impact as possible with what is practically available. Encouraging people to find small ways to change their behaviour over time to make a huge impact. 

Subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram.

 Wendy Graham

As the founder of Moral Fibers, a fantastic sustainable lifestyle blog, she educates her following on homemade, eco-friendly, and chemical-free cleaning products that are good for the environment as well as giving other amazing eco-friendly tips.


Find Wendy on her Instagram or read more on her blog

 Amanda Keetley

Founding Less Plastic in 2015, Amanda is championing the global movement toward a plastic-free lifestyle by educating the public on practical strategies to use less plastic. Amanda is also dedicated to empowering professionals to reduce the amount of plastic used in the workplace with her practical five-step framework to become a Plastic Game Changer in her book, Plastic Game Changer. 

Find Amanda on Instagram or follow the Less Plastic blog

Chess Fearnley

Chess as an environmentalist and concerned global citizen championed the transition of her hometown, Malmesbury, to become a Plastic Free Community while also developing the pro-active Malmesbury Climate Action Network. 


Find Chess on LinkedIn

Aliza Ayaz

At 20, Aliza Ayaz was an international climate activist, setting up the Climate Action Society, an international NGO, which inspires worldwide youth action against climate change.


Find Aliza on LinkedIn or Instagram

Dominique Palmer

An activist, writer, speaker, and storyteller, Dominique Palmer first joined the fight for our planet when she realised how much air pollution was impacting her community. Going on to be named in the Forbes 2020 top U.K Environmentalists list. 


Follow Dominique on Instagram or stay up to date with her engagements on her website

Jennifer Nini

Jennifer Nini is a writer, activist, and certified organic farm owner. Starting her own blog, Eco Warrior Princess in 2010, she covers topics that matter! Exploring everything from environmental issues, and conservation to sustainable fashion and conscious business. 


Follow Jennifer on Instagram or on her blog Warrior Princess

Dominique Drakeford

Dominique is a non-traditional environmental educator, starting her blog Melanin And Sustainable Style, to enlighten her followers on the way you can impact the world through sustainable style choices while echoing stories of how fashion can impact communities of colour around the world.


Follow Dominique on Instagram or on her blog


Starting her blog Curiously Conscious in 2014, Besma, uses her platform to document kinder ways to live and dress. Covering everything from sustainable fashion, and clean beauty to low-impact lifestyle, and more, Curiously Conscious makes educational content you can’t wait to read. 


Follow Besma on Instagram or on her blog

Georgina Caro

Starting her eco-friendly blog Gyspy Soul, Georgina has the goal to help the world minimize, simplify and find more joy in life, giving handy sustainable tips on everyday living. She also has a 7-day course that aids in living a more sustainable and simple life to combat stress, sleep deprivation, and lack of control.

Read Gypsy Soul here, or follow Georgina on Instagram.


Cassy launched her blog Zero Wasted with a mission to find the best sustainable and ethical products in the UK. This incredible platform makes it easy for eco-shoppers to compare all the options and sift through the greenwashing to make the most informed purchasing decisions.


Follow the Zero Wasted blog or on Instagram.

Rachelle Strauss

Rachelle is the founder of Zero Waste Week and the go-to girl for the British media on all things waste reduction. She helps individuals and organisations implement strategies that reduce waste, save costs and preserve resources while still meeting their goals.


Find Rachelle on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Craig J Todd

Craig started Eco Tech Daily in 2014, with the intention of sharing his passion for technology and its potential to have a positive impact on our environment and lives with the world. 


Find Eco Tech Daily on Twitter

Zoë Morrison

As the author of Eco Thrifty Living the blog and Eco Thrifty Living the book, Zoe is passionate about learning and teaching ways to help you save money and the environment.

Follow along on her sustainable journey by reading her blog or following her on instagram.

Chris King

As the founder, author, and manager of Green Abode, Chris created the blog to address the more practical ways that everyone can save money and live more sustainably. Helping you learn that saving money and being more eco-friendly go hand in hand. 


Follow Green Abode’s latest news on Twitter.


Sophie is helping you become an even better plant-based cook, by sharing her amazing recipes on her social platform. Encouraging the world that plant-based food can not only be good for you and the planet but also good for the tastebuds! 

Follow Sophie’s plant-based kitchen on Instagram 

Sam Bentley

Creating content that inspires positive change, Sam uses his platform to share about sustainable developments, ethical consumption, and regenerative living. 

Get your daily dose of positivity by following Sam Bentley on Instagram and Tik Tok. 

Ellie Stennet

Living in Southhampton, UK Ellie uses her social platform to give nifty tips on sustainable living. Covering everything from reducing food waste to sustainable and second-hand shopping. 

Follow Ellie on Instagram to learn more. 


As the founder of the No Meat Manchester Instagram page, Liv, shares her passion for all things vegan with her followers. Sharing the best reviews, recipes, and restaurants where you can indulge in vegan food that doesn't cost the planet. 

Follow Liv on Instagram

David Hayman 

David is a senior campaigner, policy specialist, and strategy professional, with over a decade’s experience in the international development sector. He was also involved in the Green Pensions Charter launched by Make My Money Matter, an ambitious call to action to ensure all company pension schemes help tackle the climate crisis, not fuel the fire.


Find David on LinkedIn.

The Sustainable Mancs

Sharing the best sustainable tips and brands that put the planet over profit, The Sustainable Mancs, share content that educates and inspires you to be more eco-friendly in your everyday life. 


Follow them on Instagram

Grace Beverley

Grace Beverley runs three sustainable businesses and has won awards for her entrepreneurial abilities.


Follow Grace on Instagram 


Eilidh is a self-confessed former fast-fashion addict. In 2019, she set a challenge to not purchase any new clothes. Now, she lives by a green and slow-living ethos. 

Follow Eilidh on Instagram 

Sophie Hellyer

Splitting her time between  Cornwall and London, Sophie can often be found outside in cold water. She uses her platform to speak on ocean pollution and sustainability. 

Follow Sophie on Instagram. 

Neel Wanders

A travel influencer with a passion for environmentalism, Neel educates his followers on conservation and sustainability when it comes to tourism and consumerism. 

Follow Neel on Instagram

Tiphaine Marie

Tiphaine is a freelance creative and the founder of the sustainable brand, Zephyrlondon - a 100% organic and cruelty-free handbag brand ethically made in London.

Follow Tiphaine on Instagram.

Emma Ross

As a plastic-free parent, Emma lives sustainably and brings up her three children to do the same. She uses her platform to promote parenting slowly and sustainably. 

Follow Emma on Instagram

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