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Sustainability Show 2022

14 Apr 2022

Make life Buzz again

Make life Buzz again
One in every three bites of food eaten worldwide is dependent on pollinators for a fruitful harvest, especially bees. When knowing this it is sad to think that global bee populations continue to decline and despite being a critical part of global ecosystems many humans still think of bees as pests.

Beekeepers in the US and Europe have reported 30%-50% colony losses per year due to various environmental reasons such as pesticides, habitat loss, and climate change, and it is estimated that Britain only has 25% of the required honeybees to pollinate the essential crops. Make your garden the buzz of the bee world with these handy tips: 


  • Give them some sweet nectar 

Planting flowers rich in nectar and pollen is the simplest way to start attracting some bees into your garden. Not sure what flowers to plant? Why not take a look into Poppies, Foxglove, Teasel or Nasturtium.


  • Start your own bee hotel

Giving a bee a safe space to lay its eggs and leave a small supply of food is a great way to boost bee diversity in your garden. Always make sure you leave these little hideaways in full sun.


  • Pesticides kill 

If you want a bee population to survive in your garden you need to stop using pesticides of all kinds! Bees are extremely vulnerable to chemicals so opt for more natural methods when dealing with pests in your home. If you must spray your plants a good tip would be to do it at night when all the pollinators have hit the hay for the evening. 


  • A drink goes a long way 

Just like us, bees need water to live. They also get dehydrated quick quickly, so leave water out in a shallow dish or put pebbles in a birdbath so bees can safely land and drink. 


  • Say yes to herbs  

Lavender, mint, and rosemary are not only great when infused into a meal but also among bees' favourite plants. Herbs are also likely to bloom all year round, meaning that bees can feast throughout the year instead of just in the spring when the flowers are in bloom. 


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