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Sustainability Show 2022

14 Apr 2022

Run a Greener Household

Run a Greener Household
Annually over 2 billion tons of household waste is produced globally, that's an estimated 60 tons of household waste every single second.

Our waste is only increasing, for the sake of our planet and the future of the human race this needs to stop. We need to start educating individuals on the importance of daily sustainable practices in the home that could end up making a big impact. Start running a greener household with these helpful home and garden sustainability tips:


  • Organic gardening is key

Reducing or cutting out the number of chemicals you use in your garden is not only healthier for the environment but also a lot more cost-effective. Practicing organic gardening helps prevent water pollution, soil contamination, and the loss of topsoil - it also helps prevent the death of thousands of insects, birds, and critters that are vital to producing healthy soil.


  • Grow your own

There is a multitude of reasons why you should start growing your own fruits and veggies including health benefits, cost savings, and saving the planet. Do your research before jumping in so you can understand how to grow what you need and the best way to get started.


  • Compost your cuttings

A great way to live a greener life and save some money in the process is to compost your green waste (grass clippings, dead flowers, fallen leaves). This will not only give you a way to decompose your organic waste in a safe and sustainable way but will also leave you with nutrient-rich sustainable fertilizer to help your garden flourish.


  • Choose items with little packaging

When buying food on your next shopping trip, choose foods with little to no packaging such as fruits and vegetables. You can also buy items that won't go off in bulk to avoid additional packaging by buying in small bundles.


  • Reusable containers are a must

Reusable packaging has a much lower environmental footprint, it reduces the resources needed to make additional units of packaging and also reduces the amount of waste produced in your household.


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