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Sustainability Show 2022

20 Apr 2022

Global Warming is no Hoax - it’s a Reality

Global Warming is no Hoax - it’s a Reality
There is an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence to suggest global warming is not only real but is currently causing devastating effects for the natural world.

While there may still be some debate it is impossible to ignore that humans are contributing to the destruction of our planet and instead of arguing as a human race we need to start acting or else the consequences for all living creatures will be dire.  


In the IPCC 2018 special report, it was warned that we have until 2030 to prevent the worst of climate change - yet little seems to have been done since then. In 2019 carbon emissions from fossil fuels reached an all-time high of 36.44 billion metric tons. We did see this drop by 5.8% due to the COVID-19 restrictions and resulting economic crisis, however, it is expected to increase once again by 5% in the upcoming year. 


So how do we start to change our ways? First, we need to know the facts. So with that being said here are 3 scary global warming facts to motivate you!

  • The last 7 years have been the hottest on record

The increase of greenhouse gasses in the world's atmosphere can be largely attributed to human activity. The result of this increase has led to the rise in the average temperature of the planet - with the last 7 years being the hottest years on record. While these increases may seem marginal, even with the 1.1-degree increase the world is already feeling unprecedented effects of the global warming crisis, including rising ocean levels, heat waves, and droughts. It has now been reported that warming of more than 2°C could have irrevocable consequences on the environment.

  • Over 1 million species are at risk of extinction

Global warming has had devastating impacts on wildlife already and this is only predicted to worsen with 47% of species already haven lost some of their populations due to climate change. Latest reports have indicated that global warming is putting a massive amount of the world’s biodiversity and ecosystems at risk of extinction, even under relatively conservative estimates. Reports have shown that if the planet warms by 1.5 degrees - which is almost certain given our trajectory - up to 14% of all plants and animals on land will likely face a high risk of extinction. This would not only have devastating effects on the food chains and on the planet but also on the human race as some of these predicted extinct species we depend on such as bees to pollinate our crops to produce food. 

  • Climate change is already impacting humans 

The impacts of global warming on human health are alarming, hot temperatures increase the ozone concentration, which can damage people's lung tissue and cause complications for asthma patients and those with lung diseases. We also see an increase in deaths and illnesses due to increasingly frequent extreme weather events. These climate-sensitive health risks are disproportionately felt by those most vulnerable such as women, children, ethnic minorities, and poor communities. This is why we as a collective need to start working together to help ourselves and those around us by individually reducing our carbon footprints. 


Global warming will not just wipe out forests, coral reefs, or people in far-off countries - from increasing fuel and food prices to the loss of animal life and increase natural disasters - this is a global catastrophe that will affect each and every person. So it’s time we all started putting in the work to make our planet a safe and healthy planet for ourselves and future generations. 


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