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Sustainability Show 2022

13 Apr 2022

A Healthier Environment is a Healthier You!

A Healthier Environment is a Healthier You!
Healthy body, healthy mind, and hopefully with some effort, a healthy environment.

Health and Wellness are essential to living a fulfilling life, however, to practice this balance we don’t need the disposable facemasks, tons of packaging that comes with the latest bath fad, or the next best plastic exercise equipment that promises fast results with little to no effort. If you’re looking to ensure your health and wellness routine is just as good for you as it is the planet then try these tips for a healthier you and planet. 


  • Nourish the body and soul

You are what you eat, so skip the processed foods and stick to whole foods to feed your body and mind. Processed foods contain a multitude of chemicals that in many cases involve energy-intensive processes that leave plastic poisons in the environment that can take thousands of years to break down.


  • Exercise in nature

Skip the power-intensive exercise equipment and plastic gym equipment behind and start getting out into nature to get your daily exercise. Studies show that experiencing outside in nature can have a huge positive impact on your self-esteem and mood, making it a great activity for people suffering from mental illnesses. Using biking as a form of transportation will not only be great for your mental health but would also cut down on the emissions of your daily commute.


  • Choose the right facemask

The global facemask markets grew by 223.9% in 2020 - while this may be great for beauty gurus the environment could be seeing the long-term negative effects. Many facemasks contain plastic polymers, which break down into microplastics and can cause devastating effects on the natural world. To become more sustainable, skip the facemasks or use reusable or cotton alternatives in your weekly beauty routine.


  • Skip the essential oils

While a drop of essential oil in a humidifier can ease your tensions, the process of making essential oils is extremely taxing on the environment. For example, it takes 10,000 pounds of rose petals to get just one pound of rose essential oil. Instead, try to bring nature indoors, and achieve the floral scent in your home by planting flowers around your space.


  • Realise taking care of the environment is taking care of your health

Approximately 12 million people globally die each year because they live or work in unhealthy environments. Pollution, toxic chemicals, and food contaminants among other environmental challenges contribute to the risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma, and many other illnesses. Becoming more sustainable means that you are trying to take care of the planet as well as your own health.


  • Sustainable water on the go is a must

Water is vital to feel better and be healthier, however, searching for convenient water on the go can be taxing to the natural world, with 8 million pieces of plastic entering the ocean every single day. It’s time to ditch the single-use plastic and choose reusable water bottles that will not only save you money in the long run but also won't leave plastic bottles in our oceans and wildlife sanctuaries.


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