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Eco Friendly Pet Ideas

Sustainability Show 2022

100 Million

wild prey are killed by cats each year

£21 Million

a year is spent by councils cleaning up dog poop in the UK

5.5 Billion

plastic poop bags are used in the UK each year

7.6 Billion

plastic pet food containers are manufactured each year in the UK

Our Furry Friends Come at a Cost

The biggest environmental impact associated with our pets comes from producing meat-based food. Sadly, pets feature high up the list of our planets problems and cats bring added wildlife problem killing up to 200 million wild prey in a single year.

But it’s not just wildlife. 20.8 million dogs and cats consuming just one tin or unrecyclable plastic package of cat food per day results in 7.6 billion containers being manufactured each year, just in the UK. Add to this, another 3.6 billion plastic bags for picking up the estimated 1.2 million tons of dog-poop and then there is the issue of disposing of 200 thousand tons of cat waste.

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