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Sustainable Health & Beauty

Sustainability Show 2022

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

It’s as important to feel beautiful on the inside as well as the outside as we strive to create more balanced, healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Our Health & Beauty exhibitors do just that but with the peace of mind that every product you buy won't damage the planet for your own personal gain.

We have scores of amazing beauty products that combine natural, ecological ingredients with eco-friendly packaging. You’ll also be able to choose from hundreds of well-resourced healthy products that don’t exploit the earth but still deliver the same results time after time. Immerse yourself in a natural shopping experience like no other.


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120 Billion

units of packaging are produced each year

8.4 Million

tonnes of plastic PPE waste has been generated from 193 countries since the start of the pandemic

1.8 Billion

plastic-stemmed cotton buds are used by the UK each year

300 Million 

toothpaste tubes end up in the UK's landfills each year

A Beautiful Disaster 

Every year we throw away billions of mascara wands, cream pots and foundation pumps straight into the bin without considering the impact of this waste on the environment or the shocking greenhouse gases emissions created in making these products. 120 billion units of packaging is produced each year to support this industry and without immediate and sustained action, the amount of plastic entering our oceans is predicted to nearly triple by 2040, to 29 million metric tons per year.

Us Brits are using over 1 billion wet wipes and 1.8 billion plastic-stemmed cotton buds each year. Our health products also create a mountain of waste from plastic packaging.



*Image shows wet wipes littering landscapes, endangering natural wildlife that surrounds them. 

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