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Planet Friendly Food & Drink

Sustainability Show 2022

Change Your Tastes.

Here you’ll find hundreds of mouth-watering, budget-busting, sustainable products and ideas by leading and emerging food and drink brands. Every product has green credentials guaranteeing that whatever you purchase is not harmful to the planet. You'll find every product here from ready meals to fresh produce, from wine & spirits to brilliant packaging ideas.

You’ll leave this zone armed with bags of ideas and produce that will make a difference to the world.


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1.3 Billion

tons of food is lost or wasted every year

4.5 Million

tonnes of food is wasted in the average UK household annually


of UK packaging waste was either recycled or recovered in 2020

£19 Billion

 of food waste is thrown away each year in the UK

A Complete and Utter Waste 

We throw away £19 billion of food waste each year in the UK that equates to around 25 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, and it is believed that 70% of the waste was edible. Food production in the UK creates 185 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide (MtCO2e) or around 35% of the total UK greenhouse gas emissions. Packaging waste amounts to 1,100 truckloads each year.

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