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About Manchester Central

Sustainability Show 2022



Manchester Central is an award-winning venue in the heart of one of Europe's most vibrant cities; our vaulted arches and station clock have made our venue an iconic city feature for more than 140 years. 

Manchester Central and Sustainability 

To Manchester Central, sustainability isn’t just about protecting the natural environment – it’s about social, economic, and cultural impacts too.   


Their strategic ambition is to ensure sustainability is at the heart of everything they do, and their sustainability strategy, ‘Our Central Future’ aims to deliver initiatives that enhance the sustainability of the venue and the services they provide. 


The strategy has four overarching principles, and our strategic objectives will be achieved through effective training, collaboration and innovation with all our employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors.  


The strategy has four overarching principles: Our Business, Our Community, Our Environment and Our People. 

What is Manchester Central doing? 

Waste Management 

  • Manchester Central aims to divert all waste from landfill. After removing all recyclables from our waste, anything non-recyclable is compacted into bales and transported to a Combined Heat and Power Facility. Here, energy is harvested from the residual waste to produce electricity and also steam which produces thermal heating. 

  • Kitchen and plate waste is sent to anaerobic digestion (AD produces biogas, a methane-rich gas that can be used as a fuel, and digestate, a source of nutrients that can be used as a fertiliser). 

  • Where possible, left-over packaged food is donated to local charities. 

  • We have invested in an industry-leading waste management centre, enabling us to segregate our waste onsite. 

  • We encourage a ‘paperless approach’ day-to-day by offering alternative methods to printing via iPad, laptop and digital screen. This has helped to reduce our printing volume by 120,000 sheets. 

Energy Monitoring 

  • We have installed 160 smart meters which precisely monitor electricity, water and gas usage and provide real-time information on energy usage. 

  • Dimmable LED lighting has been installed in over 80% of the venue 

  • Passive infrared sensors (PIRs) have been fitted throughout the venue which turn lights on and off upon the detection of body movement. 

  • Manchester Central is the host site for the Civic Quarter Heat Network (CQHN). The network will provide a highly efficient, environmentally friendly heat and power solution for some of Manchester’s most iconic buildings, making significant carbon reductions.  


  • We purify and bottle water onsite using reusable glass bottles. We’ve also installed water fountains in both our Central and Charter Foyers and all of our office spaces. This has helped to eliminate more than 5,000 bottles per year and encourages our team and visitors to say no to single-use plastic bottles. 

  • We have installed a herb cultivator which allows us to bring fresh, healthy, 100% organic herbs and greens right into our kitchens. 

  • We have made a commitment to reduce single use plastic - straws and cutlery have already been eliminated. 

  • Re-usable cups are sold across our retail points with profits going to the “We love Manchester charity”. We also offer a £0.25 discount to guests who have their own re-usable cups. 

  • We champion local produce and always source locally where possible. 


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