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Why Manchester?

Sustainability Show 2022

Why Manchester? 

Manchester is on its way to becoming one of the UK’s greenest cities. The city consistently scores highly in studies on household recycling, emissions, eco measures, smart meters and commuting methods, as well as attitudes to being eco-friendly. Ambitious plans are underway to make Manchester carbon neutral by 2038, some 12 years ahead of London. 

  • 2.8 million population (Greater Manchester area). 

  • A young city with 37% aged between 18-34, and 31% aged 35-64.  

  • The 3rd largest urban area but regarded as the UK’s 2nd biggest city.   

  • Recently named one of the most vegan-friendly hotspots in the UK.  

  • Birthplace of the Co-operative movement, founded by the “Rochdale Pioneers” and now contributing £34 billion annually to the UK economy.

  • New local government solutions being implemented across the city in smart energy, home retrofitting, sustainable transport, natural environment, and green jobs.  

Manchester Central 

Manchester Central is an award-winning venue in the heart of Manchester, only a 10-minute walk from Manchester Piccadilly station, making it one of the most accessible convention centres in the UK.  

Originally a railway station, the venues vaulted arches and station clock have made it an iconic city feature for more than 140 years.  

Key sustainability initiatives at Manchester Central: 

  • Host site for the Civic Quarter Heat Network (CQHN) which provides a highly efficient, heat and power solution for some of Manchester’s most iconic buildings, making significant carbon reductions.  

  • All waste now diverted from landfill and all food waste sent to anaerobic digestion.  

  • 160 smart meters installed which precisely monitor electricity, water and gas usage and provide real-time information on energy usage.  

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