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Main Stage Agenda - Sunday 9 July

Sustainability Show 2022

  1. What Local Nature Can Do For Us - And How We Can Save It
  2. You Can Cook This - Max La Manna talk
    Low waste chef and award-winning cookbook author, Max will be talking through recipes, tips and tricks from his latest book You Can Cook This
  3. Mindfulness Session with Jarvis Smith
    Join eco-pioneer and mystic Jarvis Smith in our daily group mindfulness session
  4. How To Look Good With Less Impact
  5. How To Turn The Smallest Space Into A Green Garden

    Manchester's award winning balcony gardener, The Cloud Gardener shares his story and tips for how anyone can turn any size space into a green urban oasis

  6. Human health Is Planet Health...How To Look After Both
  7. How To Create A Green Home With Easy Ideas
    What one things help create greener homes from circular products to better design.
    Sponsored By Smol 

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