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Ocean Conservation Trust

Sustainability Show 2022

The Sustainability Show is proud to be supporting the Ocean Conservation Trust at this year's show


The Ocean Conservation Trust is an Ocean conservation charity working towards our vision of a healthy Ocean. Your donation will allow us to continue our important work protecting and restoring the Ocean.

The Ocean Conservation Trust’s work is centred around people and positive action. We exist to protect and restore the Ocean, with a focus on pro-Ocean behaviour and habitat restoration.

Our Ocean Habitats programme aims to protect vital Ocean ecosystems. Over the past decade our focus has been on seagrasses, as they are one of the most valuable and biodiverse habitats on the planet and provide multiple benefits to the environment. Despite this, studies show that since the 1930’s we have lost up to 90% of Zostera marina seagrass beds, largely through physical disturbance, pollution and disease. We have recently launched our biggest and most ambitious seagrass project yet, Blue Meadows, which is a holistic approach to seagrass protection, regeneration and restoration. The aim is to protect the seagrass meadows we already have and over the longer term restore the ones we have lost.

We are a team of Ocean Optimists, working hard to connect as many people with the Ocean as possible by creating accessible and inclusive experiences. We believe that everyone should get the chance to experience the wonders of the Ocean, no matter their age or where they live, as being connected to nature is an important part of human life. We work hard to get people on, in, and next to the Ocean, allowing them to experience the positive health benefits that come with doing so. Our Ocean Experiences range from taking people into the Ocean for snorkel safaris to going into care homes to immerse residents in the Ocean through VR experiences.

We are strengthening the voice of the Ocean. The Ocean is the foundation of all life, and we exist to strengthen that foundation. Through our national campaigns, the voice of the Ocean is rising. Conservation is all about people, so we’re encouraging everyone, from individual to communities, industry to government, to think about their impact on the Ocean throughout the day and make choices with the heath of the Ocean in mind.

We know that when people feel an emotional connection with nature, they are more likely to protect and support its future, so this motivates us to connect people with the Ocean through individual physical and emotional experiences, large-scale awareness campaigns and education initiatives. Everyone everywhere can make a different, and together, create a thriving Ocean for all.

Charity objectives:

Our overarching objective is to create a thriving Ocean for all. Our focus is on two main areas; behaviour change and habitat restoration, taking an optimistic and solutions based approach that is centred around physical and emotional connections with nature. Our programmes can be divided into three main categories: Ocean Habitats, Ocean Experiences and Ocean Advocacy. The main objectives in each of these programmes is as follows:

Ocean Experiences programme: Connect as many people as possible with the Ocean by creating accessible and inclusive experiences.

Ocean Advocacy programme: Strengthen the voice of the Ocean through encouraging everyone to think about their impact on the Ocean in their daily lives.

Ocean Habitats programme: Protect vital Ocean ecosystems, allowing them to regenerate and restoring them to their full health.


We are delighted that The Sustainability Show has chosen us as their official charity partner. We are working to create a healthier Ocean for the benefit and enjoyment of all life on our blue planet, and we can’t do it without the valuable support of people and organisations. It is great to be working with an organisation that shares the same ethos as us and is working hard to create a sustainable future. Together we can really make a difference.


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