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Sustainability Show 2022

Natures Crops International

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Natures Crops International

Natures Crops International (NCI), is an expert grower, processor and supplier of specialty plant oils for use in personal care, dietary supplement, and food industries. Our specialty oil being showcased at this year’s The Sustainability Show will be our award winning Ahiflower®.

Ahiflower oil is the healthiest nutritional oil known, and a superior plant-based alternative to fish oil with the richest, most complete and balanced omega fatty acid profile available from any natural source - and it is UK grown using regenerative farming. Ahiflower oil has similar characteristics to flax, chia, hemp, or evening primrose seed oils, but Ahiflower oil’s overall omega-3-6-9 content is far higher and the most biologically advanced.

All Ahiflower crops are grown exclusively and regeneratively by UK farmers, guaranteeing traceability and sustainability. Being plant based, Ahiflower oil takes significant pressure off wild marine forage species such as anchovies and sardines that dominate the omega-3 supplement market. Each acre of regeneratively grown Ahiflower produces as much omega-rich oil as 500,000 anchovies.

Ahiflower originated as a wild, UK weed species and following years of careful agronomic studies, is now grown as a prolific and biodiverse crop, providing valuable habitat for pollinators. Come and see it for yourself at the Sustainability Show Ahiflower seeds are processed naturally, using only small batch expeller pressing, and the crude oil is refined using gentle low-temperature distillation and filtration at our dedicated facility on Prince Edward Island in Canada, from where it is distributed internationally to the supplement, food/beverage, pet nutrition and personal care markets worldwide.




Natures Crops International
5335 Robinhood Village Dr, Unit 124
Winston-Salem, NC
United States


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  • All of the pure and fully traceable oil from Natures Crops is cultivated regeneratively by qualified, independent farmers following protocols to optimize water management, enhance biodiversity, captur ...
  • Ahiflower oil is a true, sustainable source of omega 3-6-9. The richest plant-based source of essential fatty acids, Ahiflower is 4x more effective than flax seed oil. Learn more at http://ahiflower.c ...
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