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Sustainability Show 2022

In the Loop

Recycle for Greater Manchester

Recycling is a vital part of the circular economy which is about reducing waste by reusing, repairing, and recycling things for as long as possible.

The best thing about the circular economy is that most people in Greater Manchester are already part of it. Just by recycling an aluminium can you’re helping to use 95% less energy than if they had to make one from scratch.

The most amazing thing is aluminium can be recycled infinitely, so this process can happen over and over again saving tonnes of emissions and unnecessary waste.

If you recycle, donate things to charity, buy second hand or try to fix something before throwing it away, you’re In The Loop! Next time you go to chuck something in the bin, think about the materials and effort that went into making it and getting it to you. Is there a better place for it than the bin? And is it going in the right bin?

Let’s work together to keep the items we use in the loop and part of the circular economy for as long as possible.


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