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Exhibitor Videos

Sustainability Show 2022

  • An Introduction to Laura's Loom

    04 Jul 2023 Laura's Loom
    An Introduction to Laura's Loom
  • One device to rule all! 💙💪

    29 Jun 2023 @MagicofEnagic
  • E-waste poses a huge threat to the environment - and developed nations are among the worst offenders for producing it. When the G7 summit took place in Cornwall, we decided to send a message. Introduc ...
  • A sustainable swap to your beauty routine is just a dust away!
  • Want to find out what happens to your mixed recycling? Check out our visitor's centre at Longley Lane!
  • Ever wondered what happens to your food and garden waste?  
  • Renew is Greater Manchester's reuse initiative. Find out what happens to your unwanted household items when you donate them and how Renew supports communities across the city region.
  • Did you know all the items you put in your recycling bins are part of a big loop? And they can be recycled again and again.  

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