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Sustainability Show 2022

30 May 2023

Solar Toys

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  • Solar Toys
  • Solar Toys
  • Solar Toys
Solar Toys Solar Toys Solar Toys

Solar Powered Aeroplane Reach the skies with this nifty solar powered plane. When the sunlight hits the top of the plane, the propeller will start to spin. Sadly, this plane won’t take off just yet, it would need a much bigger motor, solar cell and propeller to have a chance of lifting off the runway. A great kit to spark imagination and start learning about solar energy. £11.99

Solar Powered Dutch WindMill Learn all about solar, with this typically Dutch windmill. As the solar energy from the sun hits the small solar panel located on the roof, the vane of the windmill will start to turn. A fun way to learn about solar energy, and a great item to be decorated in your own creative style. £12.99

Solar Powered Race Car A great construction kit in a technical  design.If sufficient light reaches the solar cell, the vanes of the windmill begin to tirelessly rotate. A great model following the American archetype.Runs without batteries, 100% environmentally friendly! Height: 19 cm, all wooden parts prefabricated.
Ideal for 10+ years old.  £22.99


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