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Sustainability Show 2022

20 Aug 2023

Recovery Face Cream

BAO Skincare
  • Recovery Face Cream
  • Recovery Face Cream
  • Recovery Face Cream
Recovery Face Cream Recovery Face Cream Recovery Face Cream

It helps completely clears up acne and breakouts whilst calming and soothing any redness. Recovery Face Cream has an incredibly soft light-texture but still deeply moisturises skin leaving it super soft and dewy. Suitable for all skin types as it's non-comedogenic and gentle, with Hyaluronic Acid that holds hydration to the skin barrier all day long.

  • Our #1 best seller because it helps every skin concern Jojoba Oil leaves skin feeling fresh whilst balancing sebum production.
  • Packed with Hyaluronic acid for a healthy hydrated complexion.
  • Chamomile Water reduces irritation and inflammation.
  • Concentrated formula: a little goes a long way.
  • Sweet Orange Oil unblocks pores and brightens for a clearer complexion.
  • Calms redness and soothes irritation.
  • 87% certified organic ingredients.
  • Suitable for all skin types and pregnancy-safe.


Sweet Orange & Frankincense

A captivating fusion of bright citrus and warm, resinous notes. Together, they create a harmonious blend that uplifts the mood, promotes a sense of tranquility.


  • Health & Beauty

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