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Sustainability Show 2022

19 May 2023

Bamboo Cleaning Cloth

Lavender & Lemon
  • Bamboo Cleaning Cloth
  • Bamboo Cleaning Cloth
Bamboo Cleaning Cloth Bamboo Cleaning Cloth

Handmade in England, these super soft bamboo cloths are sewn from offcuts of changing robes - the remnants of which would be thrown away as waste, but instead are repurposed into these extra thick cleaning cloths - reused and reloved! 


These eco-friendly cloths are made from natural, biodegradable material, unlike microfibre cloths that shed plastic into your wastewater and last years in landfill.


Ideal for wiping down tables, counters, bathrooms, and other surfaces in your home

Super absorbent, double-thick cloth

Repurposed all-natural, biodegradable material

Does not shed microplastics



  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden

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