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Sustainability Show 2022

10 May 2023

WABLU Revolutionary Laundry Sheets

WABLU Revolutionary Laundry Sheets
Introducing WABLU Laundry Sheets: The Ultimate Laundry Revolution where ‘Cleaning doesn’t have to be dirty!’

Move over, boring laundry routines! WABLU is here to shake up the world of laundry with its revolutionary laundry detergent sheets! Designed with you in mind, WABLU laundry sheets are about to take your laundry game to a whole new level.

Gone are the days of lugging around heavy bottles, measuring and clearing up messy spills. WABLU laundry sheets are your new laundry BFFs, compact and easy to use! Each sheet is just 3.7g, so there's no room for crap 😊 No unnecessary fillers, water, or harsh chemicals. Just concentrated detergent from natural enzymes that gets the job done.

And the best part? They’re so easy to use. No measuring, no pouring. Just put a sheet in with your washing and hit start. 

But WABLU isn't just about convenience—they mean serious business when it comes to cleaning. Our team of laundry scientists (yes, that's a thing!) has evolved the formula to ensure a wash as good as what you use now, all while being gentle on your favourite garments.

Cleaning doesn't have to be dirty, and we mean it - WABLU believes in a future where clean clothes and a clean planet go hand in hand. We LOVE Laundry! Actually, let's be honest it's a bit of a chore but someone's gotta do it! Unless you want to run around naked (not very practical and a little cold) or walk around in smelly, dirty clothes!

But Laundry is part of everyday life! And we found a love for laundry when we realised, we could make a difference, on a massive scale. It's time to shake up the industry that hasn't changed in over 20 years. By choosing WABLU you get to play a small, but vital role in creating a more sustainable world. For EVERY pack of WABLU that you buy, we'll rescue an ocean bound plastic bottle from landfill. And that’s why we've teamed up with GREENSPARK and together, with you, we save a plastic bottle for every pack purchased.

Cleaning doesn't have to be dirty!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the World of WABLU. 



About WABLU:

WABLU laundry sheets are brought to you by a small UK company based in Fife, Scotland. We are innovative brand dedicated to revolutionizing the world of laundry, with a passion for sustainability and cleaning! Cleaning doesn’t have to be dirty!

WABLU laundry sheets are designed to shake up an industry that hasn’t changed in over 20 years! Cleaning doesn't have to be dirty, and in our small, space-saving 3.7g sheet, there is no room for rubbish! No unnecessary fillers, no starch, no bleach … just natural enzymes that do the cleaning for you.

We are committed to sustainable communities, passionate about our environment and eliminating single use plastic. Not just that, we are passionate about being put of the clean-up. When you buy a pack of WABLU Laundry sheets we will rescue an ocean bound plastic bottle from landfill.

Say goodbye to boring laundry days, try sheets and together we can make a difference!

Join us on our mission.




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