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Sustainability Show 2022

19 May 2022

Sustainability Comittee

Banana Moon
Yorkshire Manufacturer Launches Sustainability Committee to Hit Ambitious Targets

Yorkshire-based manufacturer, Banana Moon, has launched a sustainability committee to help achieve its ambitious sustainability targets.


Committed to continuous improvement and the adoption of more sustainable practices, Banana Moon’s committee has been charged with assessing all areas of the business to identify opportunities for improvement.


Keen to revolutionise the way manufacturers think about sustainability, Banana Moon is adopting an employee-led approach to create a greener supply chain. Meeting regularly to discuss eco-friendly initiatives, the team sets goals and defines strategies for achieving carbon neutrality, reducing waste, and achieving Bcorp status.


Transforming the way it governs sustainable business practice, Banana Moon is allowing all employees to have a say in how to achieve these goals. Sourcing volunteers from across the business, everyone from senior office managers to apprentices were welcomed to encourage collaboration, thought leadership, and to champion real change.


Collaborating with its internal Sustainability Committee, they are creating an extensive list of sustainability commitments. Just some of the initiatives Banana Moon’s committee is working on include:

  • Achieve Bcorp status
  • Commitment to go carbon neutral
  • Waste weight reduction of 25% by the end of 2022
  • 20% of sales to come from eco-friendly products by the end of 2022


Managing Director of Banana Moon, Alex Grace, said of the launch:


“We have set ambitious sustainability targets and, although we have made good progress, we know there is still more work to do. Our committee comprises of employees that genuinely care about making a difference to the planet and this industry. We want them to point out what we could do better and help us achieve that. Every little change along the supply chain helps us achieve these goals. It’s an important part of supply chain transparency – every business should know exactly what is happening at every stage of our product supply chain and be able to communicate clearly stated, factually backed information and how sustainable it really is.


“I want other manufacturers to see that as well as being the right thing to do for the environment, setting up a sustainability committee can also be profitable for your business. Our Sustainability Committee is progressing the sourcing of sustainable new fabrics and processes and is leading innovation with best practice organisations. As a result, we’ve already made significant progress driving efficiencies across many areas of the business which has led to savings in time, energy, and ultimately costs.


Alex Grace continued: “Setting up a committee ensures we continually challenge and refine our practices across all areas of the business.

 If we are all pulling in the same direction, we have the best chance of achieving our sustainability commitments together.”



About Banana Moon Clothing

Banana Moon creates and supplies high quality personalised clothing that inspires individual and business confidence, conveys personality, and brings people together around the world. Operating from our own facility in Yorkshire, UK, we’re an energetic and responsive family business with exceptional in-house production capability and creative talent


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