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Sustainability Show 2022

20 Apr 2023

Powder powered Beauty

Powder powered Beauty


Fresh water is an increasingly scarce natural resource, and as our populations rise, so does pollution, urbanisation, and climate change, placing further pressure on our water systems. Water is a key ingredient in the cosmetics industry, featuring as the top ingredient in many of our everyday items. With consumers becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact, many producers are moving to lower their water footprint, from sourcing alternative water sources, or attempting to increase the efficiency of their products. But what if they contained no water at all? Introducing waterless, powdered products by IncluseV.


After 13 years within the cosmetics industry, Monica Chandak became frustrated with the needless amount of water in the products she was creating. In a bid to use her skills to benefit the planet, she has created a sustainable, cruelty-free, and natural product, made here in the UK, which contains no water at all. IncluseV provides powdered hand wash, body wash, face wash, and shampoo which is simple and easy to use. In this Q&A with founder Monica, we found out more about the origins of IncluseV, and how its revolutionary formula is mixing up the cosmetics industry.




When did you start IncluseV and why?


I founded IncluseV in January 2022. At the time, I had been working as a cosmetic chemist in the industry for over 13 years, and during this time I had developed over 600 formulations. However, what really bothered me was the amount of water that goes in every formulation. One day my husband asked me if there was anything I could do to reduce the water in the products and create something that is truly sustainable. My answer was IncluseV, a powder based formula which finds the balance between liquid and solid. IncluseV has filled a gap in the market which solved multiple issues within the industry, the state of the art formula is easy to use and light weight, meaning that it is convenient to use on the go or at home, unlike bar alternatives.




What makes IncluseV products different from others on the market?


Each sustainable alternative to liquid wash off products has its own flaws, including soap bars which can become sodden, difficult to transport, and we often do not want to share with others. After 3 years and 150 trials, we believe our revolutionary formula is flawless. IncluseV contains high performance powders, so your product isn't watered down, avoiding unnecessary packaging. Our vegan, fragrance, and cruelty free formula is good for you and the planet! IncluseV is always free from:


● Water


● Fillers


● Sulphates & Phthalates


● Synthetic Colours & Fragrances


● Parabens


● Animal-derived or Tested Ingredients

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