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Mark Bloom

Sustainability Show 2022

Back in 1988 when Mark was backpacking and travelling around the world, he drew particularly attached to Bali and also Kathmandu, and started having pieces made there and bringing them back to London to sell, and in 1988 Komodo was born. This was during the extraordinary summer of love, and within a year we were one of the best known British street and club wear brands of that time, serving some of the most iconic stores around the world. The KOMODO ethos was rooted in the spirit of co-operation between the handicraft skills and techniques of the people making the clothes combined with our quest for flamboyant fashion for clubbers that was like nothing else they could buy at the time. 

KOMODO grew quickly, and alongside producing well-made eco fashion, we became famous for putting on legendary parties all over the world. The clothes were worn by people like Jay Kay from Jamiroquoi and Bjork, and we were recognised and profiled by magazines such as The Face, making the brand develop rapidly. The aesthetic branched out from being just clubwear to everyday fashion that was built to last, always with an individual slant that separated us from other brands. 

The sustainable aspect of the brand is something that remains crucial to KOMODO’s DNA and we are proud to be a pioneer of eco fashion and continue to learn and develop our methods and knowledge to keep us at the forefront of ethical fashion whilst still being affordable. 


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