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Freya Louise Broughton

Sustainability Show 2022

I’m Freya Louise Broughton. I have a wealth of experience in the health industry from the inside. I’ve suffered from severe eczema, asthma, anxieties, allergies & agonising migraines all my life. Having been through endless medical protocols, dreadful operations (including one to save my eyesight) and the majority of the natural & conventional options out there, it wasn’t until I started looking at my gut, diet, environment and lifestyle did my health improve at age 31. In all these years of battling my own frightening health traumas I’ve heard hoards of varying opinions, statistics and recommendations. By listening to my body, researching about the rights and wrongs I healed myself through natural wholesome foods, environment and mindfulness.  

I feel strongly it is about time this information is clearer, more accessible and wrapped in more empathy and support hence my book. Stronger, wiser and happier than ever I have done a full circle to inner peace and freedom. Therefore, I want to share my story, get others inspired by nature, respect our planet, encourage people to look outside of themselves to heal and help anyone struggling with their health and guide them to a healthier, fresher more energised life avoiding the torture I went through. 

My family business is called Camp Kerala, we set up beautiful, luxury campsites at festivals and events world-wide. Working with eco and sustainable brands, companies and events where we can. The Sustainability Show brings together more people like this in business and makes them more accessible. Something the ‘movers and shakers’ out there are craving and will be doing more of in the near future.  

The Sustainability Show is key to supplying people with more and more awareness of what and who is out there so everyone can take steps in the right direction. People want to act, they just need direction. The Sustainability Show is pivotal in highlighting the effect that people’s environment has on their health. Cleaning this space up will be integral in peoples and the planet's wellbeing long term.  


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