About The Show

Sustainability Show 2022

The Sustainability Show is a two-day celebration of today’s forward-thinking consumer brands, inspiring new ways we can reduce our environmental impact for tomorrow.


It’s a great day out with talks by top sustainable celebrities, inspiring and informative features, and an incredible choice of the latest ‘planet friendly’ products to buy.

The show is also divided into six shopping zones making it easy for you to discover the latest sustainable ideas in Fashion, Food, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Transport & Energy, Pets, and Money & Travel.

This is a new kind of show where like-minded conscious visitors can get together, research products and ideas, and ultimately change attitudes.


What will I learn?

We’ve built dedicated features in every zone to help to educate and inspire eco-conscious consumers about the right sustainable choices. Visitors will leave the show with bags of ideas and products to help them stay at the forefront of sustainable trends.

We have two stages (Main Stage & Alternative Stage) featuring some of the biggest names in sustainability delivering inspiring talks about making the right lifestyle choices.

What will I see at the show?

You’ll discover a whole host of new products and services that you never even knew existed and you’ll come away with a selection of bright ideas that can make a difference to what we consume.

What we believe

Like you, we believe that every step we take to living sustainable lifestyles, no matter how small, is important. We believe that by offering consumers affordable and sensible choices in the one place we can open everyone’s eyes to a more sustainable future.

We believe that shopping will never ever go away but by showcasing the vast array of brilliant ideas and products on offer today, we can help to educate consumers to make the right purchasing decisions for people and planet.

You are more important than you realise!

Our event will only be successful if early sustainable lifestyle adopters, like you, visit the show and share your ideas with people around you. You have the power to influence your friends, partners and family into changing the way they live and consume. That means that you (our visitors) can influence almost a million people in the UK and change how products are sourced and made. UK households contribute toward 35% of all greenhouse gas emissions (Either directly or indirectly), so, we all have a part to play in saving the planet we share and love for generations to come. But it must start now.